G’day folks. I’m Dave, the man behind the BreadBaits logo. Timber lure crafting has emerged from my desire to be more connected to the fish I’m targeting as the angler. The thought process when designing and shaping a lure reflects my experiences and those of other experienced anglers.

This is also a chance to be hands on/creative when time doesn’t permit a session on the water. The workshop is a timeless place where I can mentally transport to that wild stretch of river and create something to fit.

Using timber is just another “natural” part of the process for me. Having been in my Dad’s woodworking shed watching his skills when I was a young bloke, adds another personal connection for me. When on the water, the timber provides a point of difference to most mass produced lures (plastic): a different sound, vibration, varied buoyancy, and even cast weight, the latter often allowing for longer, easier casts. All this adds up to giving you more opportunity to hook an elusive beast.