I am a fisherman, and catching fish is always my aim. My flies are always tied with the purpose of catching fish. It is no secret deer hair is the king when it comes to fishing topwater for our fresh water natives, and they just happen to be where my passion lies. Floating a secluded little creek in my kayak, a floating line and a deer hair bug on the end is my idea of heaven.

The flies you will see below are what happens when passions collide, doing things myself, catching my favourite fish, and even my chooks – all the barred hackle along with a range of other hackle used in my flies is all home grown, it doesn’t get more connected than that.

These flies will be one off creations, once they are gone, they’re gone and new ones will take their place – but rest assured, if they are listed here, they will catch fish. The rest is up to you. If you have any questions or want to see some of my other work @porters_flies on Instagram is the place to go.