Rough, Rugged, Ready

A heavy duty little storage box

Pelican Cases Australia: The Ruck Case

The ultimate personal utility case for your personal gear that’s crushproof, dustproof, and adventure proof. Strategic organization features and trusted Pelican protection for your everyday life gear.

What is a Pelican Ruck Case Used for?

Most of the benefits of a full sized Pelican Hard case can be found with a Ruck; they offer exceptional drop reistance to protect valuables and sensitive electronics, they are tough and durable enough to last many years of use and abuse, and have passive pressure valves and seals to remain air, water and dust tight whilst staying operable under high pressure.

Does the Pelican Ruck Case Float?

Though not specifically designed with buyancy in mind, Pelican Ruck Cases are light, and when closed, they easily carry enough air inside to float, unless filled with something exceptionally heavy.